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Jul. 17th, 2004 @ 02:22 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: dirtydirty
Current Music: let's get it started
wow i havent woke up this late all summer and i'm still tired boo to that. so babysitting went well last night, the kiddes were so well behaved and sooo adorable. so i got there and we watched full house and then i asked them if they wanted to watch another epsisode of full house or do something so they were like do something so michael wants to play twister so we play that then we play kerplunk some game w/ marbles and sticks and then a game of pickup sticks then by that time it was like 8:50 and they had to be in bed by 9:00 and they didnt have their snack yet so being the cool babysitter i am i let them stay up an extra half hour to eat oreos and watch full house hehe. wow this is a job i actually like. hmm so let's see today i'm supposed to hang out w/ kyle but shes not awake yet haha hopefully we'll see a cinderella story later ::croses fingers:: but for now i gotta take a shower i feel gross....LATeR...
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Jul. 16th, 2004 @ 03:19 pm I <333 this song
If that's the way you want it
Well there you go
Baby you can have it all,
Now that you just let me go

I waited here for so long
Thinkin' that you'd see
You just kept on runnin' away
You make a mess and raid my company

Open up your eyes
Dont you know you only get one life

Oh, you drive me crazy
Oh, you just bring me down
Look out your window
My sunshine's all around
All you have to do is just surrender, just surrender

All the pain in your heart,
All the tears in your empty soul
And when you're spinnin' round and around
Im the psycho goin' outta control

Open up your eyes
Dont you know youre only wasting time

Oh, you drive me crazy
Oh, you just bring me down
Look out your window
My sunshine's all around
All you have to do is just surrender, just surrender

You know it doesn't matter what you do
Dont you know i'm so over you

Open up your eyes
Dont you know that it's your life

Oh, you drive me crazy
Oh, you just bring me down
Look out your window
My sunshine's all around
All you've gotta do is just surrender, just surrender

Oh, you drive me crazy
Oh, you just bring me down
Look out your window
My sunshine's all around
All you gotta do is just surrender, just surrender

If that's the way you want it
Well there you go

"surrender" ~ashlee simpson
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Jul. 16th, 2004 @ 12:46 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: shadow~ ashlee simpson
WHERE IS THE SUN?!?!?!!?!? my tan form vermont is fading away and i wanna tan, grrr not cool. thank god for baby oil that magnifies the suns rays :o)yay. i don't think i'm doin much today, i'm like sooooo tired so i'll prolly jusy lay around untill i have to babysit later.haha this should be interesting, i'm just preying nothing goes wrong and that no ones gets killed of put into the hospital. i'm sure evereything will go fine but i have that kind of luck that all the wrong things happen at the wrong time. oh yeahhhhh chad micheal murray is engaged ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm so pissed grrrrrrrrrrrrr. ok well i'm done :o).....LATeR....
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Jul. 15th, 2004 @ 10:05 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: fullfull
Current Music: so much for my happy ending
so let's see i woke up at like 12:30 it was pretty nice. then i had no idea what to do w/ myself, i refused to drive my dad anywhere cuz i hate driving w/ him, he's a dick. so yeah kyle actually woke up before 3 today so we hung out untill 5, we went to pizza hut and i ate half of the pizza haha i'm a piggy oh well as long as i dont get fat and enormous i'm fine. so yeah i had to be home at 5:30 for dinner, yes more food haha, and on the way home i had to pick up soda cuz like i drink a 2 liter a day haha i <3 soda and while i was at the store i picked up some baby oil which can give you an awesome tan, my mom flipped when she saw it but oh well i'm gonna use it anyways, you only live once. tomorrow a cinderella story comes out, but i cant go see it grrrr, i have to babysit, boo to that, oh well i'll be makin money. hmm yeah thats about it for now....LATeR....
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Jul. 13th, 2004 @ 11:51 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: walking away ~craig david
hmm... today i woke up at like 11:30 which was nice but i was havin some freaky dreams really kinda scary one was i got in to this head on collision car accsident with my dad and it seemed so real cuz i saw the car comming and my dad didnt and i like saw the front part of the truck come through the windshiled rite at me it was fuckin freaky. so yeah i woke up and watched some tv, thats why i <3 summer days thier so relaxing except for the crappy we've been having but oh well whatever so yeah then i got ready to go to the moives with jon cuz he wanted to go see the anchoman, it was actually really funny more funny than i thought it would be. i REALLY cant wait for a cinderella story to come out, it comes out of friday, but i have to baysit that night, boo to that, unless i can bring the little rugrats to the movies which i doubt haha.i havent talked to catherine sice we got back from vermont i guess she's still mad i spent the last night in vermont w/ brian, oh well she has to get over it. tomorrow i have to drive my mom on her errands i guess yay, then after that hopefully i'll hang out w/ kyle i havent seen her since i got back thanx to the god damned weather boo to that....well i'm done....LATeR....
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Jul. 12th, 2004 @ 04:30 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: she will be loved~ maroon 5
the past 2 days have been pretty relaxing, i miss vermont but it's nice to be home. yesterday i chilled at home and watched tv it was nice i <3 summer and not having a worry in the world. today i drove my mom on her errands and i was supposed to chill w/ kyle, but no it's raining, not cool. we're so seein each other soon. i talked to allie for like an hour and a half it was nice haven't talked talked to her in a while, we so have to hang out soon i like havent seen u all summer. sorry bout u't road test, new york is gay. tomorrow i'm goin 2 see anchorman w/ jon cuz hes draggin me to it, hopefully after that i can chill w/ kyle, cuz jon wants to see the matine, hmm yeah thats about it for now, i <3 relaxin in the summertime :o)...LATeR....
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Jul. 10th, 2004 @ 11:05 pm vermont '04 simply amazing
Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: so much for my happy ending
grrr yeah i'm home :o( i miss my smuggs people.especially brian. so yeah now that i'm home i'm gonna give a recap of the awesome week i had.
saturday: we left like freakin early for a 7 hour drive the fun part of the drive was the ferry me and catherine we amused by waving at boats and when the other ferry passed by we had the whole boat waving at us, dunno why we found that so amusing but we did. we got there at like 5:30 and me and cat got unpacked and went swimming cuz i was bitching that i wanted to go swimming all day haha. so we went swimming and the pool was heated, man it was freakin nice.

sunday: we went to the teen place at 10 and singned up for activites for the day, we met up w/ a few ppl from last year it was cool. we went kyacking in a lake haha. i can't kyack for my life.i got thrown in by andrew and melvin i was not a happy camper, but the water felt nice ne ways. then we went back and got lunch and then we learned some yoga, but the guy teaching it sounded so funny when he was breathing so me and cat couldn't stop laughin and we were laughin everyone else started laughing, we were "disturbing the peace" haha i guess we're not yoga ppl. then after that me, cat, kayla, andrew and melvin went up to the lake w/ the floating trampoline my god that was fucking awesome, whoever invented that is fucking god. then we had to hike down the mountain, we all tried to convince cat that there were bears in the woods that amused me. we all fell at least once down the mountian. it was great. then we went swimming again the we went to get ready fo rthe fireworks and the outer limits which was like the teen place to chill. the fireworks were cool, we found mel and andrew then we tried to convice cat that there were a bunch of bums in vermont ( cat has this fear of bum's its funny haha)so she got mad but oh well. the we went to the outer limits nothin too special goin on there so we just wondered around the resort.

monday:we go to the teen activites in the morning and we sign up for mountian boarding ( it's like a skate board w/ bigger wheels) yeah well i got the crap kicked out of me w/ that damn thing i swear i'm like the clumsiest person in the world. i couldn't stop the damn thing and i kept crashing into things i crashed into a stage and the damn thing gave me all kinds of cuts and bruises on my legs it was fun though. then we went to vollyball to pick up kayla then we went to lunch yum. after that we went swimming i guess that was like our favorite thing to do while we were there and i got a wicked fucking tan. then that night we went to the outer limits where we got a dance party goin whoohoo i was the pole dancin queen, it was seriously so much fun.

tuesday:we went to sign up for activities i got my hair wrapped. then we met up w/ ericka, megan, mike, rod, mel, and rhode island and played some mini golf well that was shot to hell we all got side tracked and started playin baseball w/ the golf clubs and golf balls i lost my ball in the river and i bent my stick but it was fun. catherine fell in the river haha.afer that we all went swimming it was mucho fun. then me and cat went home to get ready fo the outer limits we had another dance party that was wicked awesome. i met this kid adam and we danced for a while he was pretty cool then at 12 we ended up goin home,i fell in some kind of hole on the way up the mountian that was fun.

wen:we went to sign up for stuff but there was nothing fun to do so we chilled at the outer limits and watched tv and went online. then we got lunch and then some ben and jerry's but mine was shit cuz i didnt know there were gonna be nuts in it boo to that. then we found ashley,dana, ericka, megan, mike rhode island, joe smuggs and melvin and went ot the pool. i <3 swimming haha. then later we went to the outer limits we were tryin to get a dance party goin and thats where i met brian we were the only 2 dancin actin like idiots, eventually everyone strated dancing so it was cool. then i guess u could say me and brian got to know each other a little better :o) he's really and awesome guy. he walked me and cat up the mountain in the pouring rain and let me wear his jacket, i thought it was pretty sweet.

thursday:we wnet down to sign up for activities but again there was nothing fun or worth doing so we stayed and chiled at outer limits then we met up with mel, rhode island, joe smuggs ,kayla, and steve. and we all went to notchville which is and awesome water park, i didnt swim though i worked on my tan and talked to mel. and i saw brian on the way there w/ his camp group and it was the cutest thing watchin him w/ the little kids, see he 16 and he stays up there the whole summer and he works for the resort and is a camp councler for the little kiddies.so after swimmign we got ready for teh fair but it was all crappy cuz it was raining boo to that. then we found brian, we played a game of pool i cant play for my life, then he took me to the driving range, golf is really harder than it looks. we kept aiming for the little golf cart pickin up the balls, he was gettin a little pissed off but it amused me. then we went and rented scary movie 3. then we went to some tv pkace and watched it haha. then cat and kayla left and me and brian had alone time. :o) and we wondered the resort there wasn't really any place to sit cuz it rained earlier and i guess in vermont it takes forever for everything to dry. so we chilled in a tent and we saw a skunk and came up w/ the awesome plan that if it ran towards us we'd run the other way, original huh? and we sat there laughing about stupid things for like and hour then we had to find cat, he walked us up the mountain again, cat ot mad when we disappeared into the woods for 10 miniutes but oh well.

friday: the last day :o( boo to that everyone started leaving it was sad. we had an uno tournament i suck at that game grr. then we just chilled at the outer limits and got hena (spelling) done i have a butterfly on my lower back it looks pretty cool. then we went back to the condo and packed and got ready for the outer limits on the way there we found brian yay. then we went to the store and got food haha then we rode around on a golfcart up and down the mountian for like and hour it was awesome goin on the hills and bumps on the back of the golf cart.then cat called her bofizzle and me and brian went bak 2 the outer limits and watched viva la bam then after that we got cat we were walking to go watch tv again and i fell down a hill haha it was great. so we chilled there for a while cuz i was laughin so hard i couldn't get up. then we went to the tv place but it was locked but we found a sauna which when the heat isn't on is a nice little cozy room w/ nice benches w/ lots of privacy if u know what i mean, so cat went away and me and brian had alone time for and hour :o) then we went back to the outer limits and got cat and brian walked us up the mountian again, such a sweet guy. then we had to say good bye that was sad. :o( he wouldn't let me go haha it was cute, we were talking today and we are so gonna see ecah other before next year. well yeah that was vermont i'm sure there were plenty of other things that happened but i have the worst memory so yeah thats what i remember :o)
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Jul. 10th, 2004 @ 01:27 pm (no subject)
grrr it's my last day in vermont boo. and last night w/ brian boo to that too. i's been a pretty cool week. last night we went to the fair but it rained and stormed and all that fun shit, so we went to the teen place instead where we met up w/ brian then the one storm stopped so me and brian went to the driving range, i can't play golf for my life. it's really harder than it looks, then we went to rent a move but cat got mad cuz we went to the store w/out here. so we rented scary movie 3 and went back to this place to watch the movie i <3 that movie. hmm then we got kicked out of the tv pcae cuz other ppl wnated to use the room so we went ousdide 2 find a place to chill but we couldn't sit on anything cuz everything was wet. boo to that. hmm yeah then we chilled in a tent for a while while cat was on the phone. yeah i'm gettin 2 side tracked 2 write everyones talkin so i'm out....LATeR....
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Jul. 10th, 2004 @ 12:51 pm (no subject)
[PART I] About You...
+ Name: heather
+ sex: female
+ Age: 16
+ Location: Hauppauge
+ Religion: lutheren
+ Height: 5'2"
+ Shoe Size: 8
+ Hair color: brown turning red
+ Eye color: brown
+ Fears: heart ache
+ Good qualities about you: caring
+ Bad Qualities about you: i'm a fucking idiot

[PART II] Have You Ever...
+ Peed your pants? hell yeah who hasnt?
+ Cheated on someone?nope can't say that i have
+ Fallen off the bed? yep
+ Fallen for a relative? ewww fuck no
+ Had plastic surgery? no but i'm supposed to for my nose *damn ball*
+ Broke someone`s heart? supposidly
+ Had your heart broken? yeah
+ Had a dream come true? yeah
+ Done something you regret? of course who hasnt?
+ Cheated on a test? uh yeah
+ Broken a body part? yep nose and finger haha

[PART III] Currently
+ Wearing? jeans and pink abercrombie shirtand black dc's
+ Listening to? ppl talking its a tad distracting haha
+ Eating? nothing
+ Feeling? sad cuz its my last day in vermont
+ Reading? this screen
+ Located? a yurt in vermont
+ Chatting with? people
+ Watching? the ashlee simpson show
+ Craving? chips
+ Should REALLY be doing ? nothing i'm on vacation

[PART IIII] Do you...
+ Brush your teeth? yeah
+ Like anybody? sure
+ Have any piercing? yep 2 in each ear
+ Drive? yep
+ Believe in Santa Claus? sure more presents why not
+ Smoke? no
+ Drink? yeah
+ Got a cellphone? yeah but its a piece of crap
+ Got a pager? drug deal?!

[PART V] Friends...
+ Who is your best? catherine, allie and kyle
+ Who is the loudest? all of them
+ Who is the shyest? none
+ Who is the most talkative? they all are at times
+ Who laughs the most? all of them
+ Who have you known the longest? allie
+ Who have you known the shortest? uhh i dunno
+ Who do you miss the most? all the ones back in hauppauge
+ Who do you turn to for personal problems? catherine
+ Do you only hang out with a certain type? nope
+ Do you belong to a crew? KACH 4 hahaha
+ Do you hang out with the opposite sex? uh yeah
+ Do you consider yourself POPULAR? hell no
+ Do you trust your friends? most of them
+ Are you a good friend? i dunno ask them
+ Can you keep a secret? yep

[PART VI] The last person you...
+ Hugged? brian
+ Kissed? brian
+ Gave props? melvin
+ Yelled at? catherine
+ Checked out? brian
+ Fell in love with? never
+ Tripped On? i dont know the last person i tripped on i fell in a hole last night haha

+ What do you want to be when you grow up? guidence councler
+ What was the worst day of your life? senior prom
+ What is your most embarrassing story? i dunno i tend to do a lot of embarrassing things
+ What has been the best day of your life? i have no idea
+ What comes first in your life? sleep
+ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? brian my vermont buddy
+ Turn ons? hmm hands
+ Turn offs? stinky ppl
+ What are you most scared of? heart ache
+ If you had an extra set of eyes were would you put them? back of my head
+ What do you usually think about before you go to bed? what i'm doin tomorrow
+ Did you lose someone you really loved? my cat haha
+ How many times have you fallen deeply in love? 0
+ Love your family? most of the time
+ Love your friends? yeah
+ Have you fought? yeah
+ What are you addicted to? sleep
+ Want to move? hell no

[PART VIII] Favorite...
+ Movie: just married
+ Song:swing swing
+ Group: the all american rejects
+ Singer: oh britney spears hell yeah hahaha
+ Store: abercrombie or pac sun
+ Relative: mom
+ Sport: basball
+ Vacation Spot: right here in vermont
+ Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate
+ Fruit: i dont like fruit
+ Candy: poofy stick vermont food
+ Food: mashed potatoes
+ Car: mustang
+ Class: no school :o)
+ Holiday: christmas
+ Day of the Week: ehh it dont matter its summer
+ Color: blue
+ Magazine: Tseventeen
+ Name for a Girl: dunno
+ Name for a Boy: dunno
+ Favorite spot for a date: any where w/ a guy i really like
+ Favorite spot for an anniversary: anywhere romantic
+ Favorite resturant: mcdonalds haha
+ McDonalds: fries
+ Burger King: ewww all yuck
+ In and Out: sex?
+ Wendy's: burgers

[PART IX] Do you...
+ Like to give hugs? depends who u are
+ Like to give kisses? depends who u are
+ Like to walk in the rain? not really
+ Prefer black or blue pens? blue
+ Dress up on Halloween? sure
+ Have a job? babysit
+ Like to travel? no
+ Like someone? yeah but i'm only gonna see him again tonight:o(
+ Sleep on your side, tummy or back? all of the above
+ Think you're attractive? o hell no
+ Want to get married? yeah one day
+ Have a goldfish? nope
+ Ever have the falling dream? yeahhh their scary
+ Have stuffed animals? yeah
+ Go on vacation? i'm on vacation right now

[PART X] What do you think about...
+ Abortion: should only be used for rape cases
+ Bill Clinton: hahahahahaa sex
+ Smoking: ewwies well cigarettes are ewwies
+ Suicide: stupid
+ Summer:<33333333
+ Tattoos: cool but i'd be killed if i got one
+ Piercing: i want more
+ Make-up: eyeliner and lip gloss

[PART XI] This or that...
+ Pierced nose or tongue? either
+ Single or taken? single
+ 7th Heaven or Dawson's Creek? 7th Heaven
+ Sugar or salt? both
+ Silver or gold? silver
+ Chocolate or flowers? chocolate
+ Color or Black-and-white photos? color
+ M&M's or Skittles? m&m's
+ Stay up late or sleep in? stay up late and sleep
+ Hot or cold? warm
+ Sun or moon? sun
+ Left or Right? right
+ 10 Acquaintances or one best friend? both

+ Mustard or ketchup? ketchup
+ Spring or Fall? spring
+ Give or receive? give
+ Happy or sad? happy
+ Wonder or amazement? both
+ McDonald's or Burger King? wendys
+ Mexican or Italian food? Italian
+ Lights on or off? off
+ Candy or soda? soda
+ Pepsi or Coke? pepsi
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Jul. 9th, 2004 @ 11:55 am (no subject)
hmm rite now i'm kinda bored, everyones watchin pirates of the carribian and yeah i guess i find that boring haha. hmm yeah don't feell like swimming today but i've got like a wicked tan. yeah i <3 that word *wicked* tonights the fair woohoo and i'm gonna chill w/ brian, hes so sweet :o). anyone remeber tristen waldvogal?! yeah he's here,and he got HOT! yeah well i guess thats it for now i'll write a long ass entry when i get back....LATeR...
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